Why Have A Mini Aquarium.

Mini aquariums are unique and are somewhat like the bonsai of the aquarist world. They provide the relaxing feeling of watching fishes swimming gracefully with an added lilliputian effect.

Their smaller size allows them to be placed in college dorm rooms, offices or even office cubicles. The few minutes of relaxation they provide in between hours of work or cramming for exams are often priceless.

Mini aquariums do not require heavy or long periods of maintenance and are always allowed even in apartment buildings with 'No Pet' rulings. They are therefore especially suitable to liven up any space more so for people who stay alone. Besides being most relaxing to watch, they can also provide an opportunity for children to care for a pet in situations where larger pets are not allowed.

Fishes like dogs can often give the impression of affection. After some time, you will notice that they will be very excited whenever you draw near. Although some may attribute this to the Pavlovian effect, it does warm the heart sometimes.

If fishes are not really your fancy, try shrimps. These little fellas can also be quite captivating. It is most interesting to see them feed and flitting around in the water.

So go ahead, treat yourself to a mini aquarium. You deserve it.