All About Mini Aquariums

While man dreams about the stars and other worlds, many tend to forget that there is actually a totally different world here on earth in our oceans. The medium is different, the creatures are different and the ecosystem is also different. In maintaining an aquarium, we are actually bringing this different world into our living room.

Today’s aquariums come in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes. Every apartment, college dorm room or even office cubicles can now have live fish swimming gracefully in a mini aquarium.

However, being so small in size, are they a healthy habitat for the fish? If properly set up, well cared for as well and if certain guidelines are followed, yes they can be. If haphazardly put together and hardly cared for, the fish will be doomed to a very short and unpleasant life. For instance, by it’s very definition, mini aquariums are mini, meaning small. So then, it is only common sense that the fish that can be kept are obviously limited to the smaller sized species like bettas and tetras. After all, you are maintaining an actual aquarium it’s size notwithstanding, and not a sardine can even if both has to do with fish.

It must be borne in mind that an aquarium is an ecosystem and when this equilibrium is maintained, then the fish can actually live a long and healthy life. Think of it as a biosphere for the fish. In nature fish live in a very large and well developed ecosystem. The water supply is massive and is constantly refreshed via rain and moving water currents. Food supply is abundant everywhere. Compare this to an aquarium with only a few gallons of water that is rarely if ever changed. Food is limited to some flakes of food once or twice a day and when that is not forthcoming, the poor fish will have to depend on the plants in the aquarium if any, and hopefully, they aren’t plastic.

Keeping an aquarium or a mini aquarium is a responsibility. The bio-filter must be monitored at the early stages and toxins like ammonia kept in check. However, once the nitrogen cycle is established (this is simply where poisonous ammonia is broken down into non poisonous elements by naturally occuring bacteria), then maintenance gets much more easier.

In general, the larger the volume of water we are dealing with in an aquarium, the better as there will be fewer concerns with environmental changes occurring rapidly. So then why a mini aquarium? Well, the main advantage of a mini aquarium has to do with it’s size and as mentioned above, as long as the ecosystem is maintained, then they are just as good as any big sized aquariums. Also, Mini aquariums are unique and are somewhat like the bonsai of the aquarist world. They provide the same relaxing feeling of watching fishes swimming gracefully with an added lilliputian effect.

There is also a choice of going with fresh water fish or marine fish. Marine fish do have some smaller sized specie and tend to be much more colourful hence the lure to choose marine over fresh water can often be quite tempting. However, maintaining a salt water aquarium has the added salt density factor to be maintained as well and this may not be wise for a newbie as the the smaller volume of water again contributes to greater fluctuation in the density parameters.

So now you know, go ahead, try a mini aquarium today.

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